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Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 10 Tips for Making Your Congregation More Green

With the 40th anniversary of Earth Day around the corner (April 22nd) we are reminded that our concern for environmental sustainability is not some new fad. As people of faith, we are called to be good stewards of God’s creation and make each and every day Earth Day.

Clearly, there is a lot we can do together to care for our planet, but what can you and members of your congregation do to make a difference? ReNew has come up with 10 easy tips to infuse green activities into your every day lives.

  1. Walk, bike or use public transportation. If you must drive, combine trips and carpool when possible.
  2. Change you incandescent light bulbs to compact florescent. Don’t throw them in the trash, however. They contain mercury and must be disposed of properly.
  3. Plant trees or other plants.
  4. Use refillable bottles for water. Reusable, aluminum bottles are available everywhere.
  5. Pay your bills online. Doing this will save paper, fossil fuels and not to mention 44 cents on postage!
  6. Use reusable grocery bags. To help you remember, leave them in your car if you must drive.
  7. Cool down with fans and light clothing instead of cranking the air conditioning.
  8. Eat local foods and freeze seasonal fruits for the winter months.
  9. Unplug your devices when not in use. This includes unplugging cell phones when charged, DVD players, CD players and anything that drains small amounts of energy when idle. It all adds up!
  10. Install a low-flow shower head to save water.

Have we missed anything? Let us know how you take care of the Earth.

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