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Friday, December 4, 2009

"Upcycling" VBS continued...

Like I mentioned in my post earlier this week, when we were creating ReNew, we found that going green is a process—some changes are easier to make then others.

One of the most important things we wanted to accomplish was to make ReNew as green as possible. If ReNew is to be a starting point for congregations to begin caring for creation, it must strive to be the change that we want to see. To do so, we researched many different ways of green manufacturing and we learned a lot. For instance, we came across the term “greenwashing.” Green washing is saying something is green, but when you take a closer look at it, realize that it is not green, or that it is not as green as it could be.

So, to make ReNew as green as possible and to avoid “greenwashing” we enlisted help to research manufacturing companies with eco-friendly practices and were happily surprised to see the creative options manufacturers came back with. Soy-based inks! Biodegradable fabric! Recyclable banners!

Below is a list of all of the ReNew products and the unique ways that each product is green. I hope you are inspired by the imagination , quality and fun of these resources—and can visualize how they will help your VBS kids grow in faith, have fun and change the world!

Starter Kit Box
Made from recycled cardboard, the Starter Kit Box also serves as the
shipping box. It’s printed on both sides, with “ReNew It! Challenge”
Medallions to use during the Send time.

Program Guide
The binder is made from recycled cardboard, and the recycled paper
has been printed using soy-based inks.

Music CD & Program DVD
The ReNew Program DVD and ReNew Music CD are included in the
binder to keep everything in one place and to reduce packaging.

Work Belt
Made from a biodegradable fabric, the belt doubles as an easy way
to keep the Kid Packs together.

Bible Book
Printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks, the Bible Book
includes a “planting strip” section that kids cut out each day to
create a seed pot for their Daily Ritual.

Seed Starter
Made from recycled plastic, this tool is an easy and fun way
to get kids caring for creation.

Planting Pack
During the daily ritual, kids will plant seeds from the ReNew Planting
Pack to start a “pizza garden” (tomatoes, basil, onion, bell pepper,
and oregano) that they can grow either at church or at home with
their families.

Hang this banner indoors or outdoors to promote your VBS—and
then flip it around to display the “Welcome” side during your ReNew
VBS week. Printed on biodegradable fabric, the banner is extremely
durable but still earth-friendly. For an even “greener” approach,
keep it up to welcome people even after VBS is over.

Publicity Posters
These three posters are made of recycled paper and printed on both
sides using soy-based inks. Hang up one side to advertise ReNew
VBS, and then flip them around to serve as activity site signs once
VBS begins!

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